LaStone Therapy

Stones power through tension, both physical and emotional,

bringing harmony to the mind, body and soul.

Foundation Original Body Module 1.png
LaStone Original Body - Module 1

This two day intensive course covers all the core

LaStone Foundation modules .

On a satisfactory completion you will be able to deliver

full body LaStone Therapy treatment including

Spinal Layout and Chakra Placement.


LaStone combines the traditions of the past with the science of the present . Using the best stones and crystals from around the world delivering the best in Stone Therapy.

Investment £295

LaStone FaceSculpt Therapy

LaStone has taken the ancient Gua Sha and brought them into a modern therapy, combining these beautiful crafted stones with temperature to create the perfect facial treatment.

This 1 day course includes the stones you will need

to perform this ritual.

Investment £197

LaStone Hand and Forearm Release

An online workshop for existing therapists to 'upskill'.

It contains an overview of common conditions, A & P of the arm and comprehensive videos of how to give a treatment not only to

your client but also yourself.

Investment £47