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Oncology Massage

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

"I know I am alive when I am here..." JW Oncology Client

A beautifully delicate full body experience, carefully selected oils are used to nourish and care for the skin no matter what stage your treatment is at.

This is suitable throughout the cancer treatment from diagnosis to recovery or palliative care.

A specialised massage which is relaxing for the mind, body and spirit & also helps to calm symptoms, relieve tension and soothe mental fatigue.

It helps you get some proper 'me time' and apart from feeling gorgeous it promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety and helps to lift the mood too.

Depending on your fatigue levels, a 30 minute session maybe recommended.

30 mins £30 60 mins - £45

Gift vouchers available too


Further Information:

Please check with your care team that they are happy for you to receive treatment, (I haven't had them say no yet!)

Also please advise at the time of booking if your treatment contains any of the following drugs; Cyclophosphamide (CP), Cytoxan, Methoxotrate, Cytosine or Thiotepa so that we can plan your massage safely.

If you are taking any other drug which is excreted through the skin which is not listed above, please let me know.

Clients who have, a stoma bag, catheter, pic line or other medical device are welcome for treatment, we simply adapt and position you how you are comfortable, you will however need move on the massage couch unaided.

According to research journals, there are some wonderful benefits to this treatment;

Reduced anxiety & mood disturbances

Improved sleep quality

Reduced pain and stress levels

Helps with fatigue (general, motivation and emotional)

Plus many more...

If you have any questions as to whether this is suitable for you, please get in touch.

Jilly xx

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