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Jill Newman


Massage - LaStone Therapy - Reflexology

It’s not about me… it’s all about you!  To put it simply I love my job.


New clients often say “I have had lots of massages, but I have never experienced one like that!”  


Regular clients book time with me and they trust me to give them the massage they need.


I really enjoy making people feel good and helping to heal physical and emotional stress/tension. 


It all started back in 1996 when I trained in Massage Therapy, quickly followed by the Treatment and Management of Sports Injury with the Football Association.

Having used temperature in my treatments to aid recovery, I discovered Stone Therapy in 2008 and embarked on an amazing journey with LaStone; in my thirst for more knowledge I've racked up well over 150 hours of face to face training with them. 

The use of temperature in this therapy (hot & cold) is a beautiful way to promote healing within the body, and I must confess, I am totally addicted to how effective they are.

The way they release both physical and mental tension/exhaustion is astonishing.

I am proud to say I now teach for LaStone too.

In recent years I've added Oncology MassageSound Healing to my treatment list along with Reflexology & Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD), these are amazing therapies which can help to relieve so many ailments.

With so many years in the industry I have developed my own style and technique so what you get is experience.


I listen to you and your body and create a bespoke treatment for you.  

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