Mix 'n' Match

Magical combinations to 'hit the spot'

create your own treatment or leave it to me.

Heaven & Earth Jilly's Therapy

Mother Earth - Father Sky

This whole body experience brings in energy work using hot and cold stones to bring about a deep sense of relaxation and wellness.

A magical combination of LaStones StoneSole and FaceSculpt

which grounds us to the earth and connects us to the heavens,

a truly wonderful spiritual and healing treatment.


Stress is currently one of the biggest health problems, and this treatment aims to reduce stress, ease anxiety & depression, enhance the ability to relax and get the head and heart back in sync .

90 mins - £85

Massage & Reflexology Combo

For the 90 min session, choose from a full body massage with half an hour of reflexology or a back neck and shoulder massage with an hour of reflexology.  


A fabulous treatment to ease muscular tension, soothe the nerves and bring about a feeling of wellbeing.   

Reiki Treatment
Full Body Massage & Facial

Improve concentration and release tight muscles. When your skin needs a pick me up and your body needs reviving.


A beautifully relaxing massage incorporating a 30 minute facial completes the experience, great maintenance for your mind, body and skin.

90 mins - £85

Rolled hotel towels
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with Relaxing Facial

A stress busting back massage, topped off with a relaxing

30 minute facial.

It's great TLC for tired aching muscles; a variety of massage techniques are used to work deeply into the muscles to unlock tension, reduce anxiety & stress,

boost the immune system & improve sleep,

60 mins - £65