Massage Therapy

A good massage encourages better circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, reduces stress, improves muscle and skin tone, aids digestion, improves range of motion and feels wonderful too. 

Back Massage
Full Body Massage

Calm an active mind, rest tired eyes, release a tight jaw & soothe your aching body with 90 minutes of bliss..​.


Sink into your bespoke full body massage as your muscles are soothed, senses calmed and nerves relaxed. The face and scalp massage is the icing on the cake as the tension is released from those tiny over worked muscles around the eyes, the sinuses are eased and the jaw released.  A lovely relaxing and nurturing treatment.

90 mins - £85

Back Massage
Full Body Massage

This is great monthly maintenance to help keep your

whole body in shape. 


Ease stress, soothe the nerves and release the muscles with this full body massage, a variety of strokes will be used including deep tissue

techniques to focus on the deeper layers of the muscle to ease tension.

60 mins - £65

Reiki Treatment
Face, Neck & Scalp Massage

Clenching teeth, tension headaches, heavy tired eyes?

Specialist massage techniques unpick the tension and help decongest the sinuses whilst all you have to do is sink into the couch and soak up these beautiful products which effortlessly cleanse, buff and revitalise the skin. The mask is pretty good too!

60 mins - £60

Buddha Statue

Oncology Massage

Suitable for those waiting for, undergoing, or recovering

from Cancer Treatment.


A specialised massage is relaxing for the mind, body and spirit & also helps to calm symptoms, relieve tension and soothe mental fatigue.


It is designed to give you proper 'me-time', apart from feeling completely gorgeous, it promotes relaxation and helps lift the mood too.

60 mins - £65

Pregnancy Massage

A beautifully relaxing massage to help soothe the body and ease tension, muscle fatigue and encourage a restful night’s sleep, it also helps to boost circulation.

60 mins - £65

 Suitable from 12 weeks onwards