Frequently asked questions

What to wear

This is entirely dependant upon what you are comfortable with and on what treatment you have booked.  


Since you’ll be covered in a drape except for whichever body part i am working on, underwear is optional. i do have disposable undies available if you don't want to get any oil on yours, these are suitable for both men and women.  

So how does that work?

If you have a back massage, then I would ask you to remove clothing to the waist and lower the waistband of your trousers, skirt or underwear so that I can work the top of the pelvis. a towel will be tucked into your clothing to ensure no oil is transferred to your clothes. 


For ladies the massage can be carried out with or without a bra, if you prefer to leave your bra on, then I would just ask you to take your arms from the straps so I can work across the top of the shoulders and top of arms.

For a full body, then you would need to undress to your underwear. and again you will be draped with towels/sheets/blankets and only the area worked is uncovered.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me.


I am not worried whether you have shaved your legs, underarms etc., it is actually better if you don't shave before you come, if you have any nics, cuts or the like from shaving then i will need to avoid the area, also you will get a better finish if you shave after; as the massage helps remove dead skin cells and lifts the hair too.


Please leave it 12-24 hours after a leg wax, if you are having your legs massaged - this is to avoid the risk of infection.

Mobile phones

It's your time, so if you are expecting a call please ensure that your phone is available for either me to hand to you or if you do not wish to be interrupted pop it on silent or switch off.  


I am a professional therapist who has spent many years studying and working in the industry.  please do not embarrass yourself by requesting services of a sexual nature.  as a client you will be asked to leave and struck off my list.

My code of ethics are in line with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and the Association of Reflexologists.

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