LaStone Therapy

Stones power through tension, both physical and emotional,

bringing harmony to the mind, body and soul.

These guys deserve a rest after weaving
LaStone Full Body Massage & Face Massage

A beautiful, powerful and multi-dimensional therapy.

Quieten the internal chatter and let your mind follow the stones as they weave their way, loosening up chronic areas

of tension, dispersing fatigue and settling the soul.

This fantastic 90 minute session uses alternating temperatures with specialist techniques to unravel and release tension.

Also included is a bewitching rose quartz face massage to

soothe and energise tired facial muscles..

90 mins - £85

LaStone Original Body Massage

LaStones' infamous Original Body Hot & Cold Stone Treatment.


This amazing treatment releases, soothes and softens the muscle to ease deep down tension, the alternating temperatures cleverly decongest chronic areas and flush fatigue from muscle tissue.


Super charge your massage and experience first hand at how amazing stones are at relaxing, releasing and energising the mind, body and soul. 

60 mins - £65

Female Headache.jpeg
Back, Neck & Shoulder Treatment

Tension headaches, tight neck, shoulders feel ‘clunky’ and those little stretches you do aren’t quite enough;


Great techniques using the 'might' of the stones to really help melt

that mind numbing tension away.


A fantastic therapy for those who need an effective treatment 

on the back, neck and shoulders.

45 mins - £50

LaStone Rose Quartz Facial Massage

A beautiful face massage utilising the wonderful properties of

rose quartz crystal wings, wands & mushrooms to bring a sublime

feminine element to the treatment.


Using stones to cocoon, hold and uplift you, this treatment focuses on the face and includes a cleanse, scrub, mask, serum & moisturiser.

The perfect treatment for when you've had too much screen time

and need to let go of that mental fatigue.

60 mins - £60

Stone Energy

This energy treatment can be carried out fully clothed and incorporates

healing techniques from ancient ceremonies/cultures.

A gentle and uplifting technique which aims to work on your

 sense of self. You will be cocooned with stones to soothe

& nurture the body & soul. Singing bowls, drum and

stones are used to raise your vibration and promote wellness.

Especially beneficial for those experiencing emotional conditions, grief, loss, recovering from serious illness (cancer) or surgery.

45 mins - £50