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LaStone Therapy

Release deep down tension

Nurturing, uplifting & relaxing

LaStone Full Body Massage & Face Massage
These guys deserve a rest after weaving

Let your mind pause, quieten the internal chatter

as the stones replace my hands, feel how effortlessly they

loosen up chronic tension,  disperse fatigue and settle the soul.

Advanced techniques unravel and release deep tension, soothe the

nerves and calm the body.

90 mins includes a jade face ritual to soothe and energise tired facial muscles, 

2 hours includes all of the above with a full facial treatment & scalp massage.

All stone treatments now include the use of Jade stones which naturally emit FAR Infrared light energy; medical evidence shows this helps the body to heal damaged tissue, stimulate collagen, improve flow of lymph, calm the nerves & much more.

LaStone Original Body Massage

LaStones' infamous Original Body Hot & Cold Stone Treatment.


This amazing treatment releases, soothes and softens the muscle to ease deep down tension, the alternating temperatures cleverly decongest chronic areas and flush fatigue from muscle tissue.


Super charge your massage and experience first hand at how amazing stones are at relaxing, releasing and energising the mind, body and soul. 

Female Headache.jpeg
Back, Neck & Shoulder Treatment

Tension headaches, tight neck, shoulders feel ‘clunky’ and those little stretches you do aren’t quite enough;


Great techniques using the 'might' of the stones to really help melt

that mind numbing tension away.


A fantastic therapy for those who need an effective treatment 

on the back, neck and shoulders.

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