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Away from the world..

Flop on to the couch, have a little wriggle and find your cozy spot.

Take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to escape..

Feel yourself start to relax and the stress melt into the couch as your muscles are soothed, your senses are calmed and the nerves start to 'feel' again.

Emotional tension and exhaustion can leave you feeling numb, so a 'mindful' massage can help your head and heart listen and talk to each other again.

This full body massage, uses a variety of strokes and over 20 years of experience to deliver an amazing treatment, I focus on not only the muscular knots and tension but also calming the mind.

There are lots of benefits to a good massage, reducing anxiety being one of them, but how...

I'll try to explain the sciencey bit with anxiety for instance;

The brain usually works at 14 cycles per second (think of it as how quickly thoughts race round in your mind) and when you have a lot on your mind this can be quite overwhelming.

Having a treatment like a massage can slow that to 8 cycles per second. When that 'state' is achieved it feels like you have just woken up or are just about to drop off to sleep, it's that lovely in between worlds feeling, where you're not sure if you have been asleep or not.

Allowing yourself to enter that relaxed state gives your mind 'time out' and space to capture/process those thoughts in a more gentle way so you feel more able to cope, when the mind feels like its coping better it doesn't give you such a hard time !

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