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Feel like a goddess...

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

A massage targeted for the face, neck and scalp....

Let your head hit the pillow, and allow your mind to escape to Neverland...

A relaxing and soothing 'stress busting' treatment to help unpick tension in the face, neck and scalp.

Helps to ease clenching teeth, loosen a tight jaw, soothe tension headaches and calm heavy tired eyes, it also helps to decongest the sinuses too.

What to expect:

Warming up the muscles...

A beautiful oil is used to warm up the shoulders and neck, opening up all those little spaces that love a good stretch.

Getting stuck in...

Using a gorgeous cleanser, the face is then massaged allowing me to use the time well and really get working on those tight muscles... a fine scrub follows that contains micro particles of rice bran to gently buff and nourish the skin.

A second sweep...

The face, neck and shoulders are massaged again, to go over any areas that asked for a little extra work...

And let go...

The mask is then applied, so we can turn our attention to the scalp. A 10/15 minute scalp massage eases tension, helping to relax the mind and chase away any congestion that may have been released. (oil free scalp massage)

Wakey wakey

Once the massage is complete, the mask is removed, a beautiful serum and moisturiser applied so you wake up feeling like a goddess!

For an hour of bliss... £45.00

Add £10 to the price of this treatment, if you would like to experience a stone face massage with energising crystals.

Products; Natural Spa Factory Secret ingredient; 'magic' Suitable for men and women

Call: 01621 397227 Text: 07999 592277 Email:

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