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You've all heard me say 'drink plenty of water' and here's why...

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Cleansing and detoxing

Just one of the fantastic benefits of a good massage is that your urinary system gets to give your body a really good cleanse.

Grab your water bottle...

Your body is amazing, did you know the kidneys filter approximately 200 quarts of blood plasma every 24 hours

which equates to 180 litres every 24 hours

or, to put it another way about 3 litres are filtered 60 times a day

which is insane given their size.

An incredible benefit of massage

With all that rubbing, kneading, squeezing and for some of you - snoring, the metabolic waste rate increases, so your blood stream gets packed with stuff like urea, uric acid, ammonia, water and nitrogenous waste products (waste products of metabolism) this is all naturally occurring activity in the body but with treatment, we have increased it, and the only way out for this waste is through the urinary system, and your kidneys play a massive part in that.

Healing gets underway

During/after your massage, your body may let you know it needs more fluid by increasing the thirst or by giving you a yucky headache if things are particularly congested.

All you need to do is drink plenty of water to 'dilute' the blood, after all we have given the kidneys a huge job to do, so please alleviate their workload and make a life a little easier for them by drinking plenty and give them time and space to filter out those nasties.

Getting the most out of your treatment

To get the most out of your treatment try having some water beforehand to give your body a head start on its 'deep clean'.


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