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Cold Therapy at Home

Get the 'cold shock' boost at home in your bathroom.

Cold Therapy has been gathering pace and interest across the world, the great thing is this is not a new phenomenon. For years people have had a hot sauna and plunged into a cold pool / rolled around in the snow ! It offers great benefits, but is not suitable for everyone and lets face it not all of us want to have an ice bath brrrrr!

For the last 30 years I've worked (a lot) with cold therapy to help heal the body & refresh the mind, and I love the benefits it can bring,

Enjoy the benefits without taking the plunge - try this in the shower!

The next time you've finished having your shower, remove the shower head and switch the temperature to cold.

Very very slowly place the cold water on your foot, wait a moment for your body to register the temperature, then move the shower head up the outside of your leg to the knee, sweep across the knee and down the inside to the ankle, do this 3 times on each leg.

Feeling braver, don't stop at the knee, take that cool right up to the top of the thigh, sweep across and down the inside of the leg - 3 times.

After about the second flush, you will feel your leg lift and tone!

Want more !? Place the cool shower head on the back of the hand and run it all the way to the top of the arm, turn the arm over, and run it down the inside to the wrist, again do each arm 3 times.

Build it up - flush either your arms or legs over a week or so and build it up so you apply cold to all your limbs, it's important to know, even if you just complete one body part, it will have an effect on your entire body.

Remember - take it slow, don't try and get this over with quickly, if you do it will just feel cold, not refreshing.


Whilst hot showers relax the muscles and increase blood flow, cold showers stimulate them. And we want to stimulate the muscles to get them moving.

  1. eases muscle fatigue

  2. stimulates weak muscles

  3. stimulates circulation & oxygenation of blood

  4. reduces inflammation

  5. eases muscle & joint pain

  6. soothes the nervous system

  7. uplifting & refreshing for the mind

  8. increased uptake of metabolic demand after exercise

  9. reduces histamine; the irritant present in stressed muscles

  10. + much much more....

Using alternating temperatures - hot and cold (contrast bathing) effectively helps to promote healing within the body.

Is it safe?

In general, if you can have a hot bath and say swim at the local pool (where the temperatures can be quite cool) you should be ok to embark on contrast bathing. You can always start with using a luke warm/tepid temperature and build it up - you are in control.

However, it isn't suitable for everyone, so if in doubt ask your doctor/health professional if it is safe for you.

Good luck

Let me know in the comments how you get on with this ritual at home, some of my clients who suffer from menopause symptoms, fibromyalgia, tension headaches and fatigue etc., have experienced amazing results.

It's a great way to get some self help in, when you can't get to see me or get to the sauna.


You are welcome to lay on my couch and catch a few zzz's whilst you experience the benefits of contrast bathing - stone style.

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