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FaceSculpt Training

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to deliver a LaStone FaceSculpt treatment.

  • Safely use warmed stones to soften the muscles, tone the skin and relax a busy mind.

  • Utilise the power of alternating temperature to dissolve facial tension.

  • How to use chilled stones correctly so that your clients love it !

  • Learn the unique combination of temperature, method and repetition that makes this treatment so effective.

  • How to incorporate / add this treatment into your current treatment menu.

  • Focus on bringing out the best in the stones; basalt, rose quartz and/or jade together with white marble.

Plus, the course includes a set of crystals / gua sha tools to carry out the treatment.

Stones are used to cleanse, prepare and carry out the finer delicate work to lift, sculpt, brighten and soften key points on the face.

We will explore other speciality stones/crystals to create/grow your own unique set of tools.

On satisfactory completion of the course including the pre-course reading, you will be able to use the ‘Book with Confidence’ logo, our trademark image for safe sanitation and health & safety procedures.

We will also grant you access to our Love StoneTherapy Facebook group where you can receive ongoing support and up to date information on Stone Therapy.

Aside from the relaxing benefits, these techniques also help to reduce puffiness, ease sinus congestion, inflammation, TMJ plus much more. This workshop is designed for therapists who are looking to upscale their facial treatments &/or add facial work to their portfolio.

The LaStone FaceSculpt treatment is a natural face massage using stones and crystals to help improve the appearance of the face.

It is fantastic for clients who are suffering from too much screen time, computer fatigue, facial tension and want to ease the stress in their overworked facial muscles.

We show you how to perform precise movements with basalt, rose quartz, jade, marble and crystals/stones to help lift and sculpt the facial muscles to ease tension, soothe stress, decongest tired muscles, reduce puffiness and bring a touch of relaxation to the face.

Our facial muscles perform hundreds of tiny movement all day everyday to read, communicate and express ourselves, no wonder they get tired - they never get a break ! As a result the face feels like it is drawn forward along with the neck in order to concentrate and focus.

Using the stones we set about unpicking those muscles and encouraging the tension to melt away, so that the face feels like it’s ‘in place again’. Using prescriptive techniques we target eliminating fatigue in the facial muscles, focus on soothing the sinuses, easing TMJ, brightening the eye area, stimulating metabolic waste and reducing puffiness.

By encouraging the lymph to flow and drain we can help remove stagnation in the face, and encourage the muscles to lift and tone helping to reduce fine lines, thus maintaining and improving the appearance of the face.

We use our expertise in Geo-Thermal Therapy to bring your clients a treatment they love.


Course syllabus:

Aim of the treatment

Basalt, its’ properties/energetic place in the treatment

Rose Quartz, why we use it and how it benefits the treatment

Marble, its' properties and use within the treatment

Jade and other stones

Pre-course reading; health & safety / safely working with temperature

How to safely apply heat

How to work with cool stones

Energy work



How to set up your equipment

Getting your client ready

Treatment demonstration

Practical application of treatment on each other

Crystalis Facial, an adaptation of the FaceSculpt treatment for those requiring a more delicate touch/suffering from chronic illness.

Access to the ‘Book with Confidence’ and LaStone logo

Access to the Love StoneTherapy facebook support group


Date: Monday 5th December 2022

Duration: 8 hours + 4 hours pre-course reading

Venue: The Retreat, Little Baddow, Essex

Post-graduate course for qualified therapists / reflexologists

Investment: £250 - Early bird discount £225

To book:

send a message via text 07999592277

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