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New Cancellation Policy

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

How can I reduce the waiting list !?

On reviewing last year, and trying to work out how I can see clients sooner, I had a look at how I can improve things for you.

My findings have highlighted 2 key updates:

a) implement a cancellation policy

b) improve the online diary

A safe place for you come

I build in a 30 minute gap, in addition to my 15 mins between every client, so no one feels rushed.

Having thought deeply about it, this is not something I am prepared to compromise on at the moment.


Then I looked at how I can get clients the slot they want !?

I knew it was bad, but I was astonished to see the average cancellations over the last 4-5 months is 20 every month. That's a lot of lost appointments and surprisingly none of those were covid related.

Sadly, these cancellations are coming in so late that there is not enough time to contact people on the waiting list nor enough notice for them to get to me.

Cancellation Policy

I have never, in nearly 30 years of business implemented a cancellation policy as I am well aware that things happen and change unexpectedly, however, I have given it a lot of thought and decided to put the following in place:

a) for those clients who book and pay with me when they leave, nothing will change, I will continue to book the appointment for you and payment can be made as we have always done.

b) if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, full payment will be charged.

c) as of 1st February, to discourage multiple bookings and multiple cancellations, payment details will now need to be entered at the time of booking on the online system, the card recorded will be charged should I receive less than 24 hours notice.

Thank you

I really do feel blessed with my clients, and I can't wait to see you sooner and more often.

Wishing you a healthy year ahead, see you soon.

Warm wishes

Jilly xx

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