• Jill Newman

Tired, drained and running on empty... I've got just the remedy

Without a can of WD40 in sight to ease those stiff achy muscles, just relax whilst the stones work effortlessly to unpick locked in tension and release everyday stresses held in the muscles.

A variety of techniques will be used to soften muscle tissue, release toxins/fatigue and enhance your body's natural healing ability and performance.

An hours full body stone therapy treatment is just £60.00 at The Retreat; a fabulous holistic centre tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the world and just 10/15 minutes away from Chelmsford.

Click the link to book your massage: https://jillysbookingpage.as.me/stones60mins

Text: 07999 592277 Call: 01621 397227 Email: jill@jillystherapy.co.uk

The Retreat Farm, Bassetts Lane, 

Little Baddow, Essex, CM3 4BZ

Established 1996