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Holistic Training

LaStone Original Body - 2 full days £350
3rd & 4th March 2024

Intensive training covering all the core skills to become a Geo-Thermal Therapist. On completion you will be able to deliver a full body prescriptive stone massage. You will also have access to other protocols to further your treatment menu.

Pre-requisite; Massage

Timetable; 9.15am - 5/5.30pm both days

LaStone Jade StoneSole - 1 full day £175
8th April 2024

Working with Jade brings a wonderful natural FAR Infrared energy to the treatment.  

In LaStone Therapy we use alternating temperatures, heated basalt, and cooled marble, on the reflex areas of the feet to facilitate the bodies innate healing potential.  In this course we use Jade which brings a FAR Infra red light energy to the reflexes.

It is this combination of alternating temperature that ensures balance through the treatment. The heat relaxes and soothes while the reflexes are worked, the cool used where imbalances are found.

Pre-requisite; Reflexology

Timetable: 9.15am - 5/530pm 

LaStone FaceSculpt Crystal FaceTherapy - 1 full day £175
22nd April 2024

A natural face massage, which utilises temperature & the energetic properties of basalt, jade and marble stones, alongside rose quartz crystals, to lift and sculpt the face.

Learn how to perform precise, bespoke, and powerful movements, using these special stones to their full potential; unpicking facial tension, soothing stress, and releasing mobility in the face, leaving your clients free from muscular stagnation.

Pre-requisite; A&P - Massage/Reflexology/Qualified Therapists

Timetable: 9.15am - 5/530pm

LaStone Jade FaceTherapy - 1 full day £175
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We combine our knowledge of temperature with the energy of the stones to deliver a wonderfully relaxing facial treatment.  

A perfect natural treatment for when your clients have had too much computer/screen time and need to let go of some mental fatigue.

A post-graduate course for therapists to harness the power of alternating temperature,  natural ultrasound, & FAR Infra-red light energy using stones & crystals to dissolve facial tension, soften the muscles, tone the skin and relax a busy mind.  

Pre-requisite; Massage/Reflexology/Qualified Therapists

Timetable: 9.15am - 5/530pm


LaStone Jade Body, Face & Feet - 2 full days £325
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Jade Rituals... these treatments & stones are highly adaptable for the therapist, with just a slight twist of the wrist you can transform this treatment from a relaxing, energetic ritual into a deep therapeutic treatment!  This really is a great fusion of holistic meets deep tissue therapy. Over the 2 days you will learn how to work with the stones, harness their natural FAR Infra-red energy and adapt to your clients needs effortlessly, taking the pressure off your body.

This is a full body protocol incorporating an effective face treatment and reflexology based foot therapy, suitable for men and women.

Pre-requisite; Qualified Massage Therapist

Timetable: 9.15am - 5/530pm 

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