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Treatments for Men

A selection of treatments designed to reduce anxiety,

relax the muscles & improve wellness


I've treated men for the past 30 years and am happy to provide holistic treatments for you, however, in an effort to eliminate sexual predators, inappropriate texts and phone calls, I will only now see new male clients who have been recommended by current clients, or where you provide your name, address and work details.  As with all bookings you will also be required to enter your email and card details on the booking system.

I run a zero tolerance business.  

For individuals who ask for inappropriate services, I have done, and will continue

to pass your details to the police.

So, if  you are a man who genuinely wants a professional treatment, you are welcome to book with me.

The selection of Jade treatments listed below are a fantastic combination to improve your wellbeing and

help combat burnout.

Thank you

Jade Rituals...

Jade stones naturally emit FAR Infrared light energy; medical evidence shows this helps the body to heal damaged tissue, stimulate collagen, improve lymphatic flow, calm the nerves & much more.


Jade Full Body Massage

A combination of deep tissue massage and the spiritual energy of jade will leave you feeling rejuvenated & uplifted.


With the ability to easily adjust the pressure during the massage, you'll receive a customized treatment that is both soothing and deeply effective, helping to reduce chronic tension and improve your overall wellbeing.

Jade Rituals.png

Jade Reflexology

The aim of this treatment is to encourage the body to balance and heal, helping to calm the emotional state, ease stress, reduce anxiety, and improve overall wellbeing.

Using Jade stones within the Reflexology brings a natural FAR Infra-red healing energy to the treatment, while others provide natural ultra sound.

Applying Face Mask

Jade Face, Neck & Scalp

A fantastic way to alleviate tension headaches and tired eyes.


These natural wonders (jade stones) emit far infrared that can soften facial tension and relax the muscles in your face, neck, scalp, and shoulders.


By incorporating jade stones, into the facial treatment you can experience amazing benefits for your overall well-being. So, why not give a try and feel the difference for yourself?

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