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You've been talking, I've been listening...

Happy new year to you, and welcome to my 'very occasional' newsletter.

Unusually I have 3 things to talk to you about today !

Firstly, thank you so much for all your support. It really does mean so much to me, I love reading all your little notes, testimonials and messages. x

Secondly, about Location

& thirdly, my new Gua Sha

in -person workshop for clients.

You've been talking - I've been listening


A few of you have mentioned that you are struggling with the journey to The Retreat and have asked if I would consider 1 day a week or month at a more accessible location. I have been looking, but I need to know a few more details to help me in that search.

I have attached a form to this blog (just a google form). If you could take a moment to tick what's important to you it will help me consider alternative places. I've also added a section on the end where you can freestyle your thoughts


In person Gua Sha workshop & facial

Clients have been asking about their Gua Sha tools that have been gathering dust at home and how to use them.

I use mine everyday in the treatment room and at home... so I plan to put on a couple of workshops to show you how brilliant they can be.

Why do I need this in my life?

Well... your facial muscles perform hundreds of tiny movements all day every day to read, communicate and express yourself, and they get tired !

As a result your face can feel like it's drawn forward in a 'forever frown' in order to concentrate and focus.

Very quickly your face can suffer from too much screen time, computer fatigue, feel heavy, tense and start to visibly show the strain.

My workshop aims to show you

1. How to use the Gua Sha /stones

2. Tease out the stress in those overworked facial muscles

3. Help lift and sculpt the face

4. Ease tension

5. Soothe stress

6. Decongest tired muscles

7. Reduce puffiness

8. Bring a touch of relaxation to the face

My sequence, method and repetition

1. Helps the lymph to flow and drain

2. Remove stagnation in the face

3. Encourage the muscles to lift and tone

4. Helps to reduce fine lines to maintain & improve the appearance of the face

I will also explain why & how to use temperature (warmed & cooled) to increase the benefits, and how easy it is to do at home.

My workshop will include demonstrating cleanse, scrub, mask, serum & moisturiser alongside a Gua Sha sequence (we might even get time to free up a bit of the neck). So come along without your make-up and enjoy a couple of hours of self care.

If you are interested let me know if you would prefer day / weekend / evening. I will be scheduling date within the next couple of months.

click the link above or email your interest to

Cost is £35 per head

Duration 2 hours

Location: Essex (venue to be confirmed)

Products and Gua Sha tools supplied if you don't have your own


If you just want to book the treatment here's the link :


I look forward to hearing your thoughts, that's all for now.

See you soon

Jilly xx

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